Vision and Mission

Our Vision
To decode a changing world by developing network systems and integrated telecommunications, to ensure access, coverage and connection between systems, structures and people.
Our Mission
Alpitel designs, develops and manufactures telecommunications networks and systems using advanced latest generation technology.
Alpitel works with their customers to find the best possible solution to meet their needs, following a path of growth and continuous improvement of production processes.
The foundations of our daily work are our expertise, reliability, presence throughout the nation, and our up- to-date staff, always ready to provide innovative solutions.
Alpitel has always been prepared to face up to and work with the challenges posed by technological change, to offer its customers efficiency, flexibility and customisation.

Our Strategy

We chose to become a single point of contact for our customers, with whom they can design and manage all the key elements for their business: from consulting to sales, design to implementation, management to support.
We offer complete, tailor-made solutions, carried out by qualified staff with extensive experience in the development and integration of systems and networks.
We are an ideal strategic partner, with the most important and up-to-date sector qualifications:
ISO, SOA and BS OHSAS. Since 2006 we are also a Cisco Gold Partner.
Our #keywords are:
Training: our staff are always up to date, to provide innovative solutions.
Partnerships: our long-term partnerships with market leaders, based on trust and mutual understanding.
Territory: our presence throughout the nation.
Expertise: our technical certifications and dedication to staying at the cutting edge.


Our #strengths are:
Reliability: Quality products, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certification, continuous improvement of production processes.
Presence: Presence on a national level, central control of services, 24 hour services.
Complete, custom solutions: we create the best possible solutions for every customer in terms of innovation, completeness and customisation, ensuring efficiency, flexibility and service.

Organisation chart


Giovanni Bellino established Ilcet in 1950, on a foundation of resourcefulness and innovation. The company entered the telecommunications sector, producing its first telephone lines and circuits.
In 1982 Ilcet became Alpitel.
In the 1960s and 1970s the company’s activity expanded to include the construction of radio and wired networks.
Over the following decade Alpitel continued to grow, acquiring smaller companies and breaking into the networking sector. Alpitel established offices throughout the country and beyond, crossing the Italian borders for the first time, tapping into foreign markets in Europe and farther afield.
With the new millennium, Alpitel increased and enhanced its product range to keep up with rapid changes in the world of technology.
In 2006 the company became a Cisco Gold Partner, an important networking industry milestone. In the following years, by virtue of this prestigious partnership, Alpitel was able to achieve other key industry qualifications.
Technical experince in the most innovative areas, integrated solutions, partnerships with major players in both telecommunications and IT, and being chosen as a market leader, make Alpitel a professional partner, able to provide consulting, innovation and added value.
Alpitel S.p.A.
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