IOT – Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an evolving process with many facets, all aimed at improving quality of life.
In any situation where there is an object able to give information on its state, including simple or trivial updates, it is tied into the IoT.
The applications of the IoT are varied and continually expanding.
Among the established application areas in Italy are some “simple” solutions, objects provided with only one specific function, for example:
– city traffic monitoring and location of vehicles for public transport (Smart City & Smart Environment)
– business fleet management (Smart Logistics)
tracking “valuables” such as, for example, electro-biomedical equipment
– maintenance of devices and systems (Smart Asset Management).
These examples, however, only show a small fraction of the true potential openness and accessibility of The Internet of Things. In fact, there are several solutions to offer greater object accessibility within the areas that have already been explored and, in some cases, local data processing capabilities. These include:
– smart meters to measure electricity consumption (Electric Smart Metering)
– home automation solutions for energy management, personal safety and the management of environmental scenarios (Smart Home & Building)
– mobile information services, GPS boxes for private vehicle location services and setting driving parameters (Smart Car).
Alpitel works to engage with this continuous evolution, offering cutting-edge solutions, from sensors to the development of specific applications.
Alpitel solutions:
• Integrating elements, sensors and LPWAN networks
• PaaS (Platform as a service)
• Application development

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Cloud Computing is a set of network technologies that allows access to resources (CPU, networks, servers, storage, applications and services). It provides maximum transparency for the user, and is configurable and scalable to suit the required uses.
Alpitel offers Cloud solutions in line with the market, able to meet customer innovation needs.
Cloud Provider Services
– Cloud Assessment: we analyse the customer’s IT organisation and, using Netteam‘s specialised methods and experience, we develop the “Migration Plan”, defining the KPIs needed to measure production performance.
– Cloud Delivery: we migrate customers’ systems to the Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud, with specific services, tools and technologies that allow for minimal impact on business operations and greatly reduced migration costs.
– Cloud Assurance: we monitor the performance of production systems; assist the client in system maintenance activities on operating systems, databases and applications; deal with change management services to assist the customer with the changeover requirements and ensure greater efficiency and integrity of the service provided. We organise the process and manage security services, Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Business Continuity to help secure the business.
– Cloud Summary: we analyse the results and performance depending on the KPIs, in order to verify that the migration was effective and achieved the strategic objectives. Through periodic Capacity Planning we analyse and share any changes in the infrastructure or the service delivery mode with the customer, working toward more efficient solutions or adapting service levels to meet new needs.
Tailor-made Cloud solutions
Our partnership with Brennercom allows Alpitel to offer CLOUD solutions backed by the most qualified brands on the world market: CISCO, EMC², VMware. For example, Vendor Software at the cutting edge of innovation, with advanced technology, high quality and outstanding performance, supported by our reliable expert technicians.
The CLOUD solutions on offer are developed on a proprietary network and two high security server farms, establishing our position on the ICT market as a primary cloud enabler.
We provide the infrastructure itself, an advantage which serves as an essential foundation for the other services on offer, according to the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model:
• IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
• STaaS (STorage as a Service)
• BaaS (Backup as a Service)
• DCaaS (Datacentre as a Service)
• DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)
• SaaS (Software as a Service)
Alpitel solutions:
• Cloud Provider Services
• Custom Cloud Solutions
• Cisco solutions: Cisco – Webex (Collaboration Cloud); Cisco – Meraki (Lan Managed Cloud); Cisco – Cloud Web Security (Sec Cloud)

Managed Services

Companies that choose Managed Services have access to our experience, convenience and professionalism,
keeping in line with the times. Any problems they encounter will be resolved in the most straightforward and time-effective way possible; the customer can rely on an efficient and well-organised structure, in line with ITIL procedures.
If you are considering implementing new technologies related to cloud computing, mobility or collaboration, or “simply” optimising the existing infrastructure, Alpitel will help you to:
• Improve efficiency and control company costs with a comprehensive approach
• Reduce risks by evaluating compliance requirements in advance, and adopting a holistic security strategy
• Stay flexible and support innovation, designing and implementing the solution that best suits your long-term needs
Alpitel offers a support methodology based on an ITIL framework, which includes official procedures for all key aspects of application support.
Highlights of our ITIL methodology include:
• An official approach to information, with objective measures in place
• A clear approach to the ITIL process, including Incident Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, Release Management and Problem Management
• Governance
• Metrics monitoring and reporting
• A framework of continuous improvement
Alpitel solutions:
• A support services suite to ensure peace of mind, reliability and security
• Application of the ITIL framework guidelines
• An efficient and organised structure to offer the best possible solutions and manage
difficult situations, minimising time and costs