Landline Network

Communication without borders: this is the challenge of our time, toward which Alpitel is constantly striving, developing cutting-edge solutions in the creation of next-generation integrated network systems.
In terms of mobility and the exchange of information, new scenarios are constantly taking shape, requiring cutting-edge technologies and solutions; this is what Alpitel offers its customers.

1. Traditional and next generation network design. Our dedicated teams, based in multiple operating centres throughout the country, define all work activities, such as:

• Walk ins
• Walk outs
• concept design, execution and final network installation
• topological and cartographic referencing
• attainment of permits, documentation
• ground penetrating radar surveys
• testing and use of existing infrastructure to minimise the economic impact of the implementation of a new network

2. Long distance and access infrastructure construction:
• excavation with both traditional and innovative techniques
• laying pipes
• channelling
• wells and manholes
• road repairs

3. Manufacture of copper and fibre optic systems: structured cabling of buildings, local, citywide and geographical networks

4. Installation and configuration of telephone exchanges, network and security equipment

5. Network management 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:
• help desk
• warranty
• preventative, corrective and evolutionary maintenance
• monitoring and network geolocation systems


All operations, managed directly by the secondary offices located throughout the territory, are coordinated from the Nucetto headquarters; they are carried out in accordance with the Technical Standards for the various types of activities, using the specific procedures and operating instructions provided in the company’s Quality Plan.
Alpitel solutions:
• design
• job management
• provisioning
• professional services
• maintenance

Mobile Network

New technologies and working methods, combined with our experience and flexible company structure, make Alpitel an expert partner, able to offer customers comprehensive “turnkey” solutions.
We have also brought our pioneering spirit to mobile radio networks; over the years our systems have supported the following systems: TACS, GSM, UMTS, LTE, as well as Wi-Fi and Wi-Max.
Today Alpitel is ready to embrace this field’s final frontier: the fifth generation (5G), expected to be implemented from 2020.
5G will provide many new services (the real-time transmission of high quality video, for example), not only in terms of one-to-one communication, but also the Internet of Things, with significant service support for both people and automatic control systems.
Alpitel is ready to accept this latest technological challenge, and to integrate it into its solutions and manufacturing processes.
Alpitel solutions:
• Offering turnkey facilities in diverse environments (urban, suburban, rural);
• System installation using the best technical solutions and with minimal environmental impact;
• Design and implementation of Radio Link connections;
• Development of microcell systems.