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Alpitel S.p.A. is a constantly evolving company. The skills and commitment of our human resources are the foundations on which the company continues to grow. Thanks to their professionalism we have been able to build on the experience gained in diverse technological and geographical areas, where the variety and variability of operating conditions have made it necessary to reconcile a high level of expertise with a comprehensive approach to problem solving. They are the key focus of our attention, enriching their skills through ongoing training, for new qualifications and refresher courses. To face the challenges of the market we aim to work as a team, rapidly overcoming obstacles together.
Presta il consenso al trattamento dei Suoi dati personali, inseriti nella sezione “Lavora con Noi“ per la finalità di raccolta e trattazione del Suo curriculum professionale, anche al fine di essere ricontattato tramite comunicazione telefonica, email, sms?

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